FAQ – Reconstructive surgery

It depends on the form of hypospadias. In scrotal forms, we use a combination of penile skin flaps and buccal mucosa graft. Two years ago I published results in two leading journals.

Distal forms (glanular, subglanular, midshaft) are repaired between 12 and 18 months of age. There are more than 200 operative techniques (and their modifications). The success rate is approximately 90 to 95%. Surgical repair of distal hypospadias is almost always successful after a single procedure. It is usually performed by a pediatric urologist or a plastic surgeon before the child becomes one year old.

I usually perform about 150 surgeries per year.

The patient will have a small catheter through the new created urethra and a suprapubic tube for urinary derivation for the duration of two weeks.

Yes, I recommend Andractim gel twice a day, for 4 weeks in total, starting 6 weeks before the surgery. Two weeks before the surgery you have to stop using Andractim gel in order to prevent excessive bleeding during surgery. I combine it with a vaccum device in order  to improve vascularization of the tissue and to enlarge the penis as much as possible.

In distal forms, less than one per 300 hypospadias cases.
In proximal cases, less than 5 percent.

It is impossible, especially in severe forms. Dorsal well developed skin is needed to make a functional penis.

The surgery usually lasts for about two hours.

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