FAQ – Penile enhancement

No. The surgery affects only the penile enhancement and thickening without impairing the basic genital organs function fertility.

Four to six weeks after the intervention you can resume with regular sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction or sensitivity deficiencies have not yet been reported neither during the immediate postoperative period nor later.

The pain intensity depends on the individual and usually endures for about 4 weeks. During this period the pain is controlled by analgetics.

Penile enhancement and thickening intervention will not prevent you from continuing your usual daily activities and returning to work. However, you need to avoid hard physical activities.

A compressive dressing remains in place for 7 to10 days. Two weeks after the surgery, patients should start using vacuum devices twice a day (for 5-10 minutes) over the first six months, in order to prevent temporary penile retraction.

No. The intervention is performed under local anaesthesia and requires a short hospital stay of only 2 days.

Our clinical experience with this new treatment approach for penile girth enhancement shows remarkable safety, reproducibility, superior cosmetic results, low morbidity and a low incidence of postoperative complications compared to previously established procedures.

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