FAQ-MTF Surgery

The recommendation letters need to be completed and sent to us for verification one month before surgery. The letters must be written by a Board Certified Psychiatrist or Gender Specialist according to WPATH Standards of Care.

A full month before the surgery is scheduled, such details are to be discussed with an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Djordjevic has performed more than 1,000 sex reassignment interventions.

Following the surgical intervention it takes 3 days of hospitalization and 2 weeks for a full recovery.

Twelve weeks after the intervention patients may be sexually active again.

After the sex reassignment, patients improve their sex life. The newly created clitoris allows you to experience an orgasm.

At discharge from hospital, patients are instructed to irrigate the neovagina once a day for 2 months and weekly thereafter, and to dilate the introitus of the neovagina on a daily basis with a vaginal dilator. Postoperative vaginal stenting and periodic dilatation is necessary. This way fully sensate and sufficient vagina is created, enabling regular sexual intercourses with erogenous sensation.

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